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International E-mail Mailing List

The 'Buy Nothing Day' mailinglist was started October 8, 1998 by Omslag, Workshop for Sustainable Development in The Netherlands.
The mailinglist is a free service of dDH, an independent Internet platform.


This list is exclusively for exchanging ideas, information and inspiration about the next International Buy Nothing Day.

Buy Nothing Day is a yearly protest against western overconsumption. For more info look at www.koopniets.nl


  • All messages should be in English.
  • All subscribers of the list are as busy as you are. Don't send too much or too long messages.
  • Remember it's an international list. Don't send messages that are only important for local people.
  • If you have a question for one member of the list, send your message to that member, not to the list.
  • If you have lots of information, it's a good idea to make this available via a website, and send a short message to the list where it can be found.
  • Just send messages as 'plain text'. No attachements, HTML or files in exotic formats.
  • Use this list only for info about Buy Nothing Day.

How to use this list

Any message you send will be forwarded to all members of the list.
You can only send anything to the list, when you are a member.

To subscribe please visit dDH's Mailing List Machine.

Send any questions about the list itself to Owner-bnd-list@ddh.nl.


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