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November 21, 2000

BND in Covent Garden, London

(By Michael Stuart)
London - BND UK will be in Covent Garden from 10.30am onwards handing out leaflets, chilling out and answering all your questions. BND is a celebration of consumer awareness and simple living - we aim to get the message across without fuss or nonsense.

All are welcome to participate - if you want to Join in, contact BND UK today. Download the leaflet, make lots of copies as many as you need to hand out on the day.

Why Covent Garden?

Covent Garden is one of London's top shopping destinations, however, the unique traders in the Piazza are swamped by brand names on all sides. BND support the small traders because they're simply making a living out of their individual creativity.
Download the leaflet, make LOTS of copies as our supplies might be limited.


Other London events include: Superswops at 127 Brick Lane, E1. Superswops takes non consumerism to the limit! This is such a cool idea and well worth a look if you're in the Brick Lane area on Buy Nothing Day.
The project appears as a shop with a window display, a counter and a changing room. It has no till because cash, cheques or cards are not accepted in return for goods. Customers can acquire anything from a teddy bear shaped Japanese rape alarm to an expired Dutch passport by swopping it for something they own. The shop's non - retail assistants negotiate the best deal possible in order to enhance the shop's collection.
Give them lots of support as it is such a good Idea. For more see: www.ampnet.co.uk/superswops/

Leaflets and Posters

The new leaflet was available for download. Print loads out for BND. If your'e joining us in London make sure you have a good supply with you.
The leaflet is dated 25th Nov, though it could be amended for other countries if you have the sofware. There is a new poster available too.


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