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November 6, 2000

Norway: Do something uncommercial today!

(By Carin Leffer)
Oslo - Do something uncommercial today! That's the message of thousands of 'gift-cards', distribuited in Oslo, Norway. Buy Nothing Day (Kjøpefri dag) in Norway will be celebrated for the fourth time this year.

In Norway 75.000 "Gift cards" have been printed, that are distributed in cafees, restaurants and shopping centers in Oslo. The card is designed as a post card with the text "Gift card" at the front. Turn it around and you'll find the message: "The reciever of this card will be invited to dinner in my house on the 25th of November". There are also cards with other messages - the same type of "do-something-uncommercial-today".
It's the fourth time Norway celebrates the "Kjøpefri dag", and like last year "Kjøpefri dag" will be celebrated in five or six cities in Norway.
The activities are not set yet but there will (surely!) be "Buy Nothing Zones", street theatre, free "Fair trade coffee" and ginger cakes for bypassers, information about the day (leaflets) and a few surprises.

Kjøpefri dag in Norway is coordinated by Framtiden i våre hender.


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